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About Luxor Trips

We are a passionate team with the vision of delivering the best & exiting experience for customers
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about luxor trips


Our Price

your tour will start when booking with us in luxor with special price ,

we will take you to see our tourism And enjoy the Nile promenade .

Luxor city of the sun

Luxor is located in the center of Egypt on the Nile River Delta

and is about 3 and a half hours away from Aswan  .

Personal guide

Discover the worlds of ancient Egyptian dynasties with a friendly personal guide from ToursByLocals.

What other tourists are
saying about us

Very interesting place
Came here with my mother as was something we always wanted to do and was not disappointed at all, to see this temple with your own eyes makes you really appreciate the place even more.
Jane Bennett
History Incarnated and a must attend sound and light show.
I definitely recommend you attend the sound and light show with luxor trips team, it will blow your mind.Unless it is not available in your language, then you will have to take the English show.
You, must have previous knowledge about it for more fun.
Jane Noble
All travel books as well as guides tell you Karnak temple is a must do in Egypt and maybe it is..... its beautiful and all..... but no one talks about the Luxor temple with equal fervor and I guess since its the underdog its beauty really did take us by surprise. It has a long walking alley and then the statues are at different angles so that you can see them through then entrance. There is a sort of peace in the temple. This is also the only temple in Egypt which you can see both in the day and at night. It looks amazing lit up - but we jst drove by and hence dont have photos.
Christina Hardy
Marketing Manager