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About Aswan. Aswan is the ancient city of Swenett, later known as Syene, which in antiquity was the frontier town of Ancient Egypt facing the south. Swenett is supposed to have derived its name from an Egyptian goddess with the same name. This goddess later was identified as Eileithyia by the Greeks and Lucina by

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About Luxor Luxor, Is often called the world’s greatest open-air museum, but that comes nowhere near describing this extraordinary place. Nothing in the world compares to the scale and grandeur of the monuments that have survived from ancient Thebes. why you should visit luxor? The setting is breathtakingly beautiful, the Nile flowing between the modern



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About Qena. Qena is a city in Upper Egypt and the capital of the Qena Governorate. Situated on the east bank of the Nile, it was known in antiquity as Kaine (Greek Καινή, meaning “new (city)”; Latinized transliteration: Caene) and Maximianopolis.  Abydos  temple. Is one of the oldest cities of ancient Egypt, and also of