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Tiba is the capital of Egypt

Tiba is the capital of Egypt

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Luxor is a modern-day Egyptian city that lies atop an ancient city that the Greeks named “Thebes” .

Located in the Nile River south of Egypt.

The name Luxor “derives from the Arabic al-uksur, ‘the fortifications,’ which in turn was adapted from the Latin.

city of Luxor served at times as Egypt’s capital and became one of its largest urban centers.

The city of Luxor was the capital of ancient Egypt and became one of the largest urban centers.

beforetime, the city was known as the home of the god Amun, a divinity that became associated with Egyptian kings.

During the period of the “New Kingdom” in Egypt, most of the rulers of Egypt chose to be buried near the city in the nearby Valley of the Kings.

Other famous sites near the city have been built or greatly expanded during the modern Kingdom,

Including the Karnak Temple, the Luxor Temple, the Valley of the Queens and the Ganzoura Temple in Hatshepsut Monastery in Deir El-Behar.

“Tiba is the largest and most magnificent heritage site in the world.”

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